Vietnamese Treats at Garland’s Cali Saigon Mall Food Court


D Magazine posted an enticing review for readers in Garland, Texas, USA. The Cali Saigon Mall Food Court offers a variety of Vietnamese food from banh mi, to pho and finally cafe sua da. Well known Vietnamese restaurants, such as Lee’s Sandwiches, are included in the review.

Enter from the parking lot on the far left and find yourself inside Lee’s Sandwiches, a chain known for its standard cold-cut sandwiches and coffee….Return to your starting point. The men who were there when you started are still there, sitting at tables, talking, smoking, and drinking iced coffee. Excerpt: D Magazine.

After going through the review, you will probably head at to the Cali Saigon Mall immediately. Read more of the review here: Visit the Cali Saigon Mall Food Court For a Roundup of Vietnamese Treats.

Banh mi, Dallas
Banh mi (Source: D Magazine)