Vietnamese food, one of the 6th Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines


QSR Magazine published an article looking at the sixth healthiest ethnic cuisines. Vietnamese was listed as one of the sixth. QSR then looked at Bon Me in Boston which served banh mi on food trucks.

Boston-based Bon Me serves a number of healthy Asian dishes, including several Vietnamese-inspired items. One of these is the Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad, a traditional dish that combines julienned green papaya—an antioxidant filled with vitamin C—with lime juice, fermented fish sauce, and a spicy chili dressing. Bon Me cofounder Alison Fong says many Vietnamese dressings are lower in fat than those from other cuisines, largely because they’re water-based and include lemon or lime. Source: QSR Magazine.

Bon Me Banh Mi
Bon Me Banh Mi (Image: Boston University)

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