Saturday’s Little Vietnam Restaurant Roundup


A couple Vietnamese restaurants reviews for today’s Little Vietnam restaurant roundup.

Hoa Nguyen (Little Saigon, CA)

Hoa Nguyen is the first restaurant located in Little Saigon, Westminster, California. Hoa Nguyen offers vegetarian food for customers.

Vegetarianism and religion have an indirect link, and even though not all vegetarians and vegans practice Buddhism, many Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans cite their belief in the religion as their reason for vegetarian eating.

Ton’s family has its roots in Hue, which he said is “a city that has the highest area-concentration of Buddhist temples in Vietnam.  And because the last King of Vietnam was stationed there, people built a lot of temples and thus this location has an abundant selection of vegetarian dishes.” Source: Nguoi Viet.

Bun Kiem, Hoa Nguyen, Westminster, CA.
Bun Kiem, Hoa Nguyen, Westminster, CA. (Source: Nguoi Viet)

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iPho (New York)

The last restaurant, iPho, offers a variety of pho in New York City.

With a menu including items such as bahn mi and various other Vietnamese staples — such as com ga hap gung, a dish of jasmine rice with steamed chicken — iPho provides authentic Vietnamese fare in a friendly, quaint environment. Source: New Paltz Oracle.

iPho, New York
iPho, New York (Source: The New Paltz Oracle)

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