Pho3 in Beijing


This is our first Pho review for a Vietnamese restaurant in Beijing, China.

Despite being tucked away on the first floor of Yu, Pho3 is hard to ignore. Their menu fits neatly on one side of an A4 piece of paper and, true to the street food style, they are working with just a few dishes: pho (RMB 60), shrimp and pork rolls (RMB 35), chicken wings (RMB 35), banh mi (RMB 40), and sugarcane prawns. You can choose a bunch of extras to add to your soup, including sirloin, flank steak, beef meatballs, tripe, tendons, rice noodles, and extra vegetables, ranging from RMB 10 to 20 per addition. Source: The Beijinger.

Pho3 in Beijing
Pho3 in Beijing (Image: The Beijinger)

The reviewers did not seem happy with the limited number of menu items. Read more of the review here: