Pho So 1 in Boston


Our last post for this week looks at Pho So 1 in Boston.

A man leaning over a newspaper at one table is making quick work of his pho. Two young men sit down, then one gets up and redoes his man bun, tipping his head dramatically upside down and pulling all the strands together on top of his crown (quite a demo; I thought of taping it for a YouTube instructional). A group of four impossibly thin, stylish women, barely out of their teens, sit together and look at their phones without saying a word, except to order. They ignore a special “teen menu” of fish balls and other snacks in favor of sizzling platters of beef, which come with loaves of bread and fries. We can hear and smell the aromas from our table and watch them plow through the protein and carbs tiny bite by tiny bite. Source: Boston Globe.

Pho So 1
Pho So 1 (Image: Boston Globe)

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