Obama vermicelli


Former President Obama was well known for trying street food with Anthony Bourdain during his visit to Hanoi. The Inquirer searched for the the signature Vietnamese dish Obama had and found it along South Street in Philadelphia which hosts several Vietnamese street food style restaurants.

Ever since President Barack Obama ate bun cha in Vietnam last spring with Anthony Bourdain for CNN’s Parts Unknown, I’ve been on the hunt locally for this signature dish from Hanoi.

But this Northern Vietnamese specialty — a cold vermicelli bowl topped with herbs, warm grilled pork patties, and thin slices of marinated pork (along with a sweet and funky dipping sauce) — has been something of a rarity in Philly’s more southern-inflected Vietnamese restaurants. Source: The Inquirer.

Obama Vermicelli, South Street, Philadelphia
Obama Vermicelli, South Street, Philadelphia (Source: The Inquirer)

Read more about the search for this dish here: http://www.philly.com/philly/columnists/craig_laban/Obama-vermicelli-South-Street-craft-beers-Banh-Mi-and-Bottles.html