Is pho the new ramen?


The South China Morning Post looks at three restaurateurs to see whether the Vietnamese noodle broth soup, pho, will be the new ramen.

Not long ago, Hong Kong was obsessed with Japan’s popular soup noodles. There were online debates about which shop had the best pork bone soup, the best al dente noodles, and the fattiest char siu, and people would queue up for an hour or longer so they could be sure of getting some of the limited item bowls.

Now a few food entrepreneurs are turning their focus towards Vietnam. This brotherhood of broth isn’t interested in serving huge menus that encompass spring rolls, banh mi and butter-fried chicken wings. Their obsession is entirely concerned with one of the most popular of Vietnamese dishes, pho bo, or noodles swimming in a long-simmered beef broth.

Pho in Hong Kong
Pho in Hong Kong (Photo Source: South China Morning Post)

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