Friday Vietnamese Restaurant Roundup


Another large review of Vietnamese restaurants from around the world.

Viet Cafe (Davao, Philippines)

First up is Viet Cafe located in Davao, Philippines, which offers pho and banh mi.

The Viet Café, owned by Vanessa Piezza and Lionel Lariosa, is a Vietnamese street food inspired cafe. They specialize in milk teas and Vietnamese pho’s and banhmi’s. The café opened last November 2016 and is the first Vietnamese street food cafe in Davao City. All the ingredients in their food, from milk tea bags down to cilantro, basil and other spices, are shipped from Vietnam to attain its authentic flavor and taste. Source: SunStar Davao.

Banh mi at Viet Cafe
(Banh mi at Viet Cafe (Source: Sun Star Davao))

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Banh mi Cafe (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Next up is Banh mi Cafe in Hamilton, New Zealand. This restaurant offers banh mi, pho and cha gio (spring rolls)

Banh mi Cafe Hamilton
Banh mi Cafe Hamilton (Image: stuff)

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Sawleaf (Irvine, California)

Sawleaf is a restaurant in Irvine, California, offering Vietnamese dishes.

Sawleaf seems to be aware of this fact, so it’s started with just the basics. It offers only three main dishes arranged by its perceived familiarity to the non-Vietnamese. The pho is listed first, then the bánh mì, and finally, the bún, a cold noodle salad doused with a dressing made of fish sauce. To its credit, Sawleaf doesn’t attempt to follow the build-your-own Chipotle model to make its dishes more accessible to the general audience. The only decision I had to make was the protein: beef, chicken or tofu. Source: OCWeekly.

Banh mi at Sawleaf
Banh mi at Sawleaf (Source: OCWeekly)

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La Me

The final restaurant is La Me, located in Dallas, Texas, offering pho and banh mi.

La Me serves a wide range of Vietnamese foods, from home-cooking to dishes commonly served at wedding feasts and other special occasions. For American diners who only know pho and banh mi, this diversity can be a revelation. That’s especially true because the kitchen here, with its genius for great soup broths and its mastery of an enormous menu, is quite simply one of the best in Dallas. Source: Dallas Observer.

La Me, Dallas
La Me, Dallas (Source: Dallas Observer)

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