For pho’s sake: Chefs reinvent Vietnam’s favourite soup


An interesting piece by Good Food that looks at how chefs around the world have combined Vietnamese cuisine with other cuisines. There were many different combinations covered including Ho Chi Minh City’s, Relish and Sons, which offers a pho burger.

A classic chicken soup may be known as Jewish penicillin, but for a lot of us, a bowl of Vietnam’s signature pho is the thing that puts us right – the broth, noodles, herbs, and the refreshing additions of chili and lemon if you want. Who doesn’t love shouldering in to a crowded, brightly lit pho joint for a steaming bowl?

But hey, why stop at soup when it comes to this symphonic combination of flavours? Restaurants around the world are riffing on the basic elements of pho and getting all Frankenpho with it. Source: Good Food.

Pho-Guette (pho and banh mi in one)
Pho-Guette (pho and banh mi in one) (Photo source: Good Food)

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