Five Vietnamese dishes that have got global gourmets talking


Just this once, let’s rule out ‘pho’ and sample the rising stars of Vietnamese cuisine.

Bun cha, “cursing rice noodles”, snails, duck embryos and banh mi – ever heard of them? They’ve been catching the attention of foreign visitors of late, and some have already made it onto the international culinary stage (Source: VnExpress).

One thing we all miss once we leave Vietnam are the variety of food. Yes, we can get Vietnamese food in most places we live around the world but it is not the same. Remember walking or taking your motorbike to your favorite street vendor for, say, banh mi. How about getting some beefsteak from a famous restaurant in your alleyway.
Vietnamese food
Source: VN Express
As Nguyen Chi pointed out, most people tend to think pho when eating in Vietnam. In fact, it is the other rice dishes, seafood, banh mi, etc., that we most likely ate and miss. His article goes through some of the other popular Vietnamese food.  Read it here:
Vietnamese food
Source: VNExpress