Bon Ton – Creole/Cajun food with a Vietnamese twist


If you are in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and looking to try some Creole/Cajun food with a Vietnamese twist, then try Bon Ton. Technique did a review of the Vietnamese family that owns Bon Ton.

Bon Ton - Vietnamese restaurant in New Orleans
Bon Ton – Vietnamese restaurant in New Orleans (Photo Source: Technique)

The Vietnamese twist on classic New Orleans dishes comes in several flavors: fish sauce, chili powder over cayenne pepper, five-spice, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and orange. It is a subtle twist, though, never dominating. Many of the Asian ingredients are part of the “boil,” which is a blend of flavors that is added to many of the dishes.

Spices in the breading of the fried oysters add some heat to the Nashville hot oyster roll. Despite Atlanta not being a coastal city, somehow the oysters are wonderfully fresh, and the spice on the charbroiled oysters is just right. Even cheap, boring mussels are given new life following their boiled deaths with a dusting of flavor. The saucy smoked gouda mac and cheese has bits of crawfish and is appropriately spiced.

The gumbo is made correctly, with a roux and the holy trinity (and no kale or quinoa); the twist is that it is topped with the boil and fried shallots. The BBQ shrimp, one of the most popular items, has five-spice in the broth. This successful combination of a New Orleans staple with east Asian flavors could convert seafood-haters into repeat customers. Source: Technique.

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