Behind Little Saigon’s riches, the poor pack into small rooms to survive


“Who can afford a house in California?”, Phu Vo, 75 and manages several rooms for rent at US$350 each in a Westminster house owned by Vietnamese immigrants in Oklahoma, told LA Times, “And who can make a long-term commitment? We may not live that long to pay off our homes. That’s why you rent a room — you can leave any time.”

In fact, renting a small room and share it with other family members is not uncommon in Little Saigon, California. Many community members struggle to rise above the low-wage jobs which keep them behind the booming economy Little Saigon is experiencing. Meanwhile, the increasingly high house prices exacerbates the situation. Times describes the informal network of the room-for-rent market is “oiled by convenience, constant address changes and cold, hard cash.”

Behind Little Saigon's riches, the poor pack into small rooms to survivePhoto by LA Times

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