Ashvita Vietnamese food in Chennai, India


This was a surprise review of a the Ashivita group in Chennai offering Vietnamese food.

Kavita Rajagopalan from the Ashvita team talked to us about how the idea for doing pop ups for different cuisines came about. They realized that a number of cuisines are not avidly available in Chennai and consequently decided to bring in chefs who specialize in different cuisines from all over India. A year into this idea has left no doubt in anyone’s minds that it is a hit. Some of the pop ups that were previously done include Bohri Cuisine, a Bengali wedding  feast, Mangalorean cuisine as well as Vegan among others.

This time around it is Vietnamese food. Seeing that food from Vietnam is very light, fresh and delicate. It is a given that it’s the perfect fit for the Chennai summer. Source: Hungry Forever.

Chicken Bun Cha in Chennai, India
Chicken Bun Cha in Chennai, India (Source: Hungry Forever)

Read more about the Vietnamese menu and courses here: