Adventurous and Unique Ideas for the Saigon Backpacker


An interesting write up by Matt Cardoza on his experiences and recommendations for Saigon Backpackers. Matt spent nearly a year working at an English school in Saigon and really enjoyed his time interacting with the Vietnamese people.

I lived and worked in Saigon for nearly eight months and during my time in the city, I found myself in many unforeseen, bizarre, and unique situations. Sometimes I looked for them, but many other times my adventures unfolded independent of my doing. They became some of the most memorable parts of my time in Vietnam. Excerpt from Maze Vietnam.

Read about Matt’s recommendations at Maze Vietnam. You can also read more about Matt’s experiences at his blog, Cardoza Footprints.

Hu Tieu in Saigon
Hu Tieu in Saigon (Source: Maza Vietnam)