4 Delicious Ways to Start Eating More Vietnamese Food


The Food Network just posted an article on how to eat healthy with Vietnamese food. Those of us who have lived in Vietnam or around Little Saigons already know the health benefits to Vietnamese food.

While Thai food has become mainstream in the U.S., we often overlook the fresh, colorful and healthful cuisine of another Southeast Asia country, Vietnam. Sure, many Americans have at least heard of or tried pho (a Vietnamese rice noodle soup) so it’s not uncharted food territory. But we’re still not fully aware of the cuisine’s staple ingredients, cooking methods, dishes and nutrition benefits. Having recently taste-tested my way through Vietnam, I discovered a refreshing food culture that’s abundant in fresh herbs and vegetables, clean flavors and light, nourishing dishes. Source: The Food Network.
Healthy Vietnamese food
Healthy Vietnamese food (Source: The Food Network)

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