10 Questions with Chef Hannah An


Huffington Post did a 10 question interview with Chef Hannah An from District, a new restaurant she opened up offering Vietnamese food.

For anyone who grows up in a successful family business there are two usual schools of thoughts—tow the family line or branch out on your own. For Chef Hannah An, the eldest daughter of the famous Crustacean Restaurant’s House of An family, the family business has been delighting the palates of diners for years.

For nearly twenty years Crustacean’s beloved famous garlic noodles have inspired and delighted and have also stirred up many conversations about the contents its secret ingredients. Well now Hannah An has gone solo and opened the The District By Hannah An on posh Third Street as she embarks on her own adventure. Her ‘District’ serves a modern take on Vietnamese food incorporating a global twist and California’s local and sustainable fresh ingredients.

The District by Hannah An offers authentic, yet elevated Vietnamese cuisine. Frequented by celebrities and trendsetters, the Vietnamese hot spot delivers the goods with Hannah’s Dungeness Crab & Uni Noodles served with chive and Vietnamese herbs. It’s rich and decadent and delicious. Source: Huff Post.

Chef Hannah An - District
Chef Hannah An – District (Photo source: Huffington Post)

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